Meet Jarrell Guitars Endorser Simon Johansson !

For those of you who have been following the Artist Spotlight at Jarrell Guitars, you are already aware of Simon Johansson (bibleblack). Simon is currently playing a JZS-1 Zebra Hummer, along with Master Metal Man, Mike Wead in "bibleblack". Simon's JZS-1 Zebra Hummer is armed with Seymour Duncan SH-1n & TB-5b pick ups.

In 2009 bibleblack was nominated for ¡°Best Newcomer¡± at the Swedish Metal Awards. Simon Jonansson is also a memeber of Fifth Reason, Memory Garden, Satariel, Edge of Sanity, and recently has joined the line up of "Wolf". Wolf is currently on a tour with Firewind "Defiance Over Europe" 2011 is on now. Check out Simon Johansson's Artist Spotlight page at Jarrell Guitars for tour dates:

July 29,2011

World Premier of the new song from Adam Lambert. Adam, and Monte Pittman, "Outlaw of Love" performance at the St. Agathe en Feux Festival. Thank you suz526 for this video !



Monte Pittman, Adam Lambert, Jarrell Guitars, JZH-1 Flamz Pr

Monte Pittman & Adam Lambert
Feb. 27, 2010 at the Fantasy Springs Hotel, Palm Springs Ca.

Adam Lambert at the Fantasy Springs Hotel Feb.27, 2010
Monte playing his JZH-1 Flamz Pr  

Monte Pittman, and Steve Cooke, rock out with Tommy Joe Ratliff

Monte Pittman - Orange Amps - Jarrell Guitars


Peter Mayer plays a Jarrell JZH-1 premium (s&p).
Jimmy Buffett's "Under the Big Top"
Tuesdays show at Aaron¡¯s Amphitheatre in Atlanta GA.


Tomas Doncker World Expo Shanghai, China, Tomas plays (AJA-OSR-29)

Shut Down By Love, Tomas Doncker Band in Shanghai.  
Tomas Plays a JZH-1 Bubinga V


Steve Postell, Jeff bridges
Steve Postell Jammin' with Jeff Bridges. Jeff is playing a Jarrell acoustic,
AJA-OSR-29. Isn't he up for an Oscars ? Wouldn't that be great ?


Thanks to all these people who came to testify to the launching of "Jarrell Guitars". Thanks for all your support during the NAMM SHOW, and thanks for giving us such a warm welcome, into the World Of Guitars.

Mick Shane, Shane Fontane, Phillip Jarrell  

Old friend Mick (Shane Fontayne) dropped by and made friends with the JZS-1 X Spruce top, with Mahogany back. Mick Shane, and Mick Ronson use to be best friends, of mine, in my Woodstock days. The town not the concert.
More recently Shane played with Bruce Springsteen, and Sting.

Greg Binions, Phillip Jarrell
Phillip Jarrell & partner Greg Binions pose in the booth before the fun broke lose.
We were almost 3 years in the development stage of this project, and it is great to be showing the goods, at last.


Jeff pevar, Steve Postell

Jeff Pevar, & Steve Postell playing in the Super Star band for NAMM SHOW guests.
Special vocal guest Siedah Garrett, writer of "Man in the Mirror" Sang "Man in the Mirror". Yes that is a Jarrell JZH-1 Flamz (H), Steve Postell is playing.

Mark Slaughter, Rick Carnes, Phillip Jarrell
Mark Slaughter, Rick Carnes( President of the Songwriters Guild of America) and proud owner of a Jarrell acoustic, AJA-OSR-29, and Phillip Jarrell with a JZS-1 Zebra Chr. in the Nashville office of Peer Music. Thanks Kevin Lamb for the picture.

Monte Pittman, Tommy Roe Ratliff

Monte Pittman and Tommy Joe Ratliff. Monte took one (JZH-1 Flamz Pr) home, and on the road, in that custom JZ case. An Extraordinary guitar, demands and extraordinary case

MacMcAnally, Phillip Jarrell

Mac McAnally, and Phillip Jarrell at Mac's home in Nashville. The is the JZH-1X , Mac is taking out on the road with him. He will be performing on stage with Jimmy Buffett, again this year 2011. He was also just awarded "Musician of the Year " Award, by CMA, for the third year in a row. Mac is a great song writer, and a friend of mine. Congratulations Mac !



Namm Show Press Conference 2012


We welcome the press on behalf of Jarrell Guitars, Seymour Duncan, Orange Amps and Monte Pittman.

We are excited to announce the result of the collaboration between Monte Pittman, Jarrell Guitars and Seymour Duncan to create the Monte Pittman Signature Series. The series consists of three guitars: the MPS.1, MPS.f and the MPS*Classic.

After a year of prototypes and tests, the first live performance with the new final design, Monte Pittman will be at Super Bowl 2012, performing with pop superstar Madonna at the half-time show. Pittman has been Madonna¡¯s guitarist for the last decade.


March 7, 2011

Monte Pittman performs "Hey Tommy Joe & The Four Horseman" at The Lounge@The Palms Casino, with band mates, Warren Willis, Xander Smith and Tommy Joe Ratlff.


Monte PIttman performs "Cold Shot" at Molly Malone's L.A.,

Monday 21, 2011.

Jarrell Jam Namm Show 2011
Tommy Joe Ratliff, Monte Pittman, Steve Cooke,

Steve Postell & Jeff Pevar "345 Coming Through"
Performing with Jarrell Guitars at the Namm Show 2011



Meet Patrick Kirshtner, and Kellie Stoelting, at

Dan Navarro & Steve Postell perform together Sunday June 6th at a private event in San Diego. Steve with a new JZH-1 x Spruce top, and Dan with an acoustic AJA-OSR-29. Don't miss that amp. Jarrell Gig God 30w Tube amp with 1 x 12 inch Celestion Vintage 30.
Check out "Peek of the Week"


Dan Navarro & Steve Postell

Dan Navarro, of the duo Lowen & Navarro, Dan & Eric Lowen are a great American song writing team. They composed many hit songs including "We Belong" for Pat Benatar. Dan is constantly on tour: Check him out:

Dan Navarro


Steve Postell

Vonda Shepard of the Ally McBeal series, on stage with Steve Postell, for "Jobs not War" concert at Venice Center for Peace with Justice, and the Arts. Sunday May 30th. Steve Postell is playing a JZH-1x (S&M)



Jarrell Guitars sponsors "Make Music New York"

Great Event ! "MAKE MUSIC NEW YORK 2010" 1000 bands play New York City. June 21st. Corporate Battle of the Bands in Bryant Park. Winners carry home a JZS-1 B&W Metal Jarrell Guitar .

Phillip Jarrell

Robert Singerman from "Make Music New York" with Phillip Jarrell at the Shanghai Studio. They are showing off a JZS-1 B&W Metal, which is the 1st prize trophy of the "Corporate Battle of the Bands" in Bryant Park, on June 21st.

Winter NAMM SHOW 2010 was GREAT !

Our first NAMM SHOW, and now history. Our guitars were welcomed with great excitement, by the tuffest pros in the business. The guys who know the most about guitars, where there to touch and feel them. Hands on, plugged in and everyone was smiling. Everyone was impressed with the look of our guitars, but the real pros seemed a little surprised when they played them, and couldn't find anything wrong with them. And then well, didn't want to put them down. And then" WOW ! this is f_-kin' Great" ! "Wish my bla bla played like this". No you can't make this stuff up. Great players were bringing their friends back the next day, and great music was played by all.

By the second day people were showing up, saying they had to come to see what everybody is talking about. The buzz got louder each day until on the last day we had constant jammin' going on. :)

Thanks to all the great players who performed at the booth.
Monte Pittman, Steve Postell, Jeff Pevar, Steve Cooke, The Twinz,Tommy Gibbons,

Here are some shots of people you will see playing Jarrell Guitars

Evan Skopp, Phillip Jarrell

Jason Kaye, Evan Skopp(VP, Seymour Duncan), Phillip Jarrell, Tommy Curran. Jason and Tommy were our resident guitarist at the booth.

Tommy Joe Ratliff plays bass

Tommy Joe Ratliff played the new JZS-2x Purple Heart Bass


Bruce Lawrence
Bruce Lawrence, came by to check out the new JZS-1x (s&m), and testify to his experiences working with the Jarrell, AJA-DSR-229 Acoustic guitar, he has played on a recent sound track, for a major motion picture.